Hookah bowl UPG – Upgrade form – Standard


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✅Elegance – The white colour and shape catches the eye from afar
✅Practicality – Great to hold and work with
✅Performance – Get the most flavour out of your tobacco
✅Durability – It doesn’t leak molasses and is durable too

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Product description

As the mark of this hookah bowl suggests, it is a real upgrade among Turkish hookah bowls.

The biggest hookah aficionados have known for years that if you want to get the most out of your tobacco, then reaching for a UPG hookah bowl is a smart choice indeed. That’s why this hookah bowl, along with the Voskurymsia, is the most popular in Russia and gradually in other countries as well.

UPG – Upgrade Form Standard was developed by St. Petersburg master of art with ceramics Alexander Vavilov back in 2012, when he managed to create the so-called “perfect shape for the hookah bowl”, which he actually did.

The UPG Hookah bowl starts from the top with a rounded curved edge, which serves to better fix the foil. It continues with a wide body to accommodate more tobacco and also feels great in the hand. There are up to 6 holes at the bottom, which is quite deep, providing ample airflow. It’s useful for not even needing to make a hole in the middle when fluffing the hookah bowl. The air will always find its way in. It is finished off with a “throat” that fits precisely on the connector using a rubber gasket.

The UPG hookah bowl is made of a unique material – Faience-Majolik ceramic, which is not used by any other hookah bowl brands. This provides it with exceptional heat stability, durability, non-penetration and exceptionally long sessions at maximum flavor. Despite its simplicity, it is truly an extra class among hookah bowls.

From a distance, you can already recognize a UPG hookah bowl thanks to its snow-white color, which, with proper maintenance, it can retain for quite a long time even when using black tobaccos. This colour gives it elegance but also makes it stand out among the competition.

Thanks to its wider but also deep body, the UPG hookah bowl can hold up to 15-20g of tobacco, which is plenty enough for 1,5+ hour sessions, especially with dark tobacco. However, packing light tobacco into it is not a mistake at all. On the contrary, you will experience maximum flavor from this hookah bowl that no other hookah bowl has had to give you so far.

Whether for bars or casual enthusiasts, this hookah bowl is a must-have for any professional, but its features make it a perfect fit for the budding amateur as well.

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UPG - Upgrade form

UPG - Upgrade form crowns were created back in 2012 and is manufactured by Forma. They are known for their uncompromising quality, design and functionality. That's why they can be called the market leader, especially among dark tobaccos.
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