Korunka Oblako x Doosha Phunnel M Phunnel White

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Quality clay – For maximum flavour and smoke
Timeless design – You’ll impress everyone with this crown
✅ S tylish glaze – Prevents molasses penetration
Handmade – Maximum quality and attention to detail
Top price – We guarantee the best prices

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A unique gem from the workshop that brought the merger of two brands Oblako and Doosha to the world, will definitely take your breath away. Its perfection is the combination of precision, elegance and attention to detail. White within white intertwine in a perfect symphony that pleases every eye.

Oblako uses only food-grade glazes that are harmless to humans, developed in specialized laboratories located on the grounds of one of Russia’s traditional ceramics production centers in the village of Gzhelskoye. Thanks to this, the crown is able to retain its original qualities and appearance for a long time.

All Oblako products undergo quality control at every stage of production.

Each crown is made by hand and therefore even identical models will differ slightly from each other, but this does not affect their quality or perfect appearance.

Product specifications

Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 13 cm

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Oblako crowns were first introduced to the Russian market in 2015 and have since gained huge popularity. In 2017, they began to win the hearts of hookah enthusiasts from all over the world and became a top-bestseller not only in our country. In Russian, Oblako means Cloud and this name perfectly describes these crowns as they really do provide a very thick smoke. They are made from white clay which is cast into moulds, then hand-worked into the desired shape and a high quality glaze is applied to optimise the heating of the tobacco and slow/prevent the molasses from escaping. They are a real guarantee of quality that you can always rely on and suits absolutely everyone.
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