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✅Originality – Hand-mixed paint
✅Impermeability – No more molasses overflow
✅Heaviness – Great heat control
✅Durability – Exceptional clay and porcelain blend is extremely durable

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Forma hookah bowls are something that the entire hookah enthusiast community has been waiting for for years. Until now, hookah bowls have been either clay or porcelain and both have had their problems. Clay hookah bowls were expensive, broke very easily, and most had molasses running through them, thus the tobacco was more likely to burn through. Whereas porcelain hookah bowls burned through the tobacco from the start and the flavour from them was completely shallow, their only advantage was durability.

That’s why Forma found the perfect combination of clay and porcelain to give you all the qualities you’d want from a hookah bowl.

Durability – Due to the thickness and strength of the material, it can survive being dropped on the ground often and won’t break easily. If you’re careful with it, you can practically have it for life.

Thickness – Great at holding and regulating heat, it doesn’t overheat easily. This will guarantee you long sessions and you can use it with stainless HMS as well. You can even use the phunnel for black tobacco.

Impermeable – Unlike traditional clay hookah bowls, it is made to not let a drop of molasses through. In addition, it doesn’t soak up any flavors/smells either, so you get an original taste every time you load your hookah bowl. This is what makes it suitable for shisha establishments where you have a lot of flavors.

Originality – Each hookah bowl is handmade and therefore original.

Need something more? This is the perfect choice for everyone, beginner and seasoned pro alike.

Product specifications

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 15 × 8 cm


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Forma Hookah

Although the Forma brand has been interested in ceramic processing since 2020, it was only this year that it began to focus on the production of crowns for hookahs and immediately succeeded with their originality. Not only did they manage to create an exceptional combination of materials that no one has used before - i.e. mixing clay with porcelain, they delivered it in a gorgeous colourful style that everyone instantly fell in love with. That's why Forma hookah crowns are the new trend and really worth trying.
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