Hookah bowl Clay Harmony Phunnel Cherry

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Handmade – Made with attention to detail
Gorgeous glaze – Protects against molasses seepage
✅ S pecial design – Thin for an intense session
Unique experience – The strongest water you’ll make

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One of the few completely handmade hookah bowls (most hookah bowl brands use a die/mould to create their shape), but fine-tuned to the last detail. It’s made completely opposite to the usual standards of quality hookah bowls and that’s what’s interesting and unique about it. This is because it is not built for long sessions, but for shorter, but extremely intense ones for the biggest maniacs. It’s thin and glazed, but it was made from white fireclay, which makes it incredibly good at maintaining a consistent temperature. This makes it an absolutely perfect choice for extremists who adore dark tobacco.

The Harmony Phunnel version is also great because it doesn’t let any tobacco or molasses into the vase, as well as its special glaze that also prevents molasses from penetrating through its walls.

This hookah bowl only charges on dens, (a method of placing tobacco in the hookah bowl where you tamp the tobacco) which is also unusual, ideal for a touch with 4 layers of foil, but it can also be charged without a toast with an HMSk. Use 3-4 embers that you place on the edge of the hookah bowl with the foil, so that they gently protrude from the hookah bowl. For safety, use a protective net for the hookah bowls. When heating the hookah bowl, do not “stretch” the hookah, but hold for about 5 minutes until a protective layer has formed on the top and the hookah bowl is completely heated, then start pulling. This is exactly the method that will give you an extremely strong but manageable session that will get your head spinning. Enjoy.

Taking care of this hookah bowl is a bit more challenging than other hookah bowls. The special glaze that prevents the molasses from penetrating is heat sensitive and can lose this property with rapid temperature changes. It is therefore important to let the hookah bowl cool before washing. Which should be done with every hookah bowl, but is even more important with this one. In addition, it is recommended to use only soft sponges and nothing abrasive. In case you need to use it a second time in a row, you’d better just wipe it with a dry cloth and load the tobacco again.

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Glina Hookah Bowls

Glina hookah crowns are something completely new and original on the market, where almost every crown is made at least partially by moulds and machines, these crowns are 100% handmade. But that's not the most important thing. The absolutely most peculiar thing about Glina crowns is that while most crowns try to make their wall thickness as thick as possible, these crowns go completely against the flow. Their walls are so thin you don't understand how they can work so well. And that's their magic. Although Glina Crowns are designed for the most extreme of extremists, they can provide a truly unique and intense experience full of smoke and flavor.
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