Hookah bowl Tortuga Black Panther

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Quality clay – For maximum flavour and smoke
Timeless design – You’ll impress everyone with this hookah bowl
✅ S tylish glaze – Prevents molasses penetration
Handmade – Maximum quality and attention to detail
Top price – We guarantee the best prices

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The highly original Tortuga brand brings to you another great design of hookah hookah bowl – the Tortuga Black Panther in a gorgeous black finish. It is characterized by its robustness, thick walls and gorgeous colors.

The Black Panther Tortuga hookah bowl is unique because it does not fit into the classic Tortuga series. The hookah bowl embodies the Marvel hero Black Panther, who was filmed based on the comics. His abilities consisted of a very technologically advanced suit that provided him with tremendous strength, agility, and was able to absorb the kinetic force of enemies.

For better water repellency and improved thrust, the hookah bowl is coated with a milky coating that beautifully smooths its surface and fills in pores when fired. This process also makes the hookah bowl easier to clean afterwards.

However, you don’t have to worry at all about having to heat it for a long time or the tobacco not burning properly. It is processed correctly so that the tobacco heats up just as quickly as with a regular hookah bowl.

Each hookah bowl is handmade and therefore even identical models will vary slightly from each other, but this does not affect their quality or perfect appearance.

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Weight 0,55 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 20 cm



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Tortuga is a Russian brand from Omsk. They have been producing hookahs and accessories since 2017. The company's specialty is the manual assembly of hookahs and accessories and the use of rare pirate themes. The assortment is wide - hookahs and sets with vases, crowns, mouthpieces, pliers, components and accessories - have everything. The bowls are handmade according to the best pottery traditions. Double firing, milk firing and glazing are performed according to the pattern. - Unique author's technology for coloring figural thematic bowls. - They use only high-quality and health-friendly materials
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