Hookah bowl Kong Venom Edition

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The hardest hookah bowl to get, the pinnacle of the potter’s art and the overall world of hookahs in one piece.
Quality clay – For maximum flavor and smoke
Timeless design – With this hookah bowl, you’ll impress everyone
✅ S tylish glaze – Prevents molasses penetration
Handmade – Maximum quality and attention to detail
Top price – We guarantee the best prices

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The popularity of this Kong hookah bowl is very high due to its originality and very stylish depiction.

As with all high quality hookah bowls, special clay was used which was fired several times at 1200 degrees to remove any imperfections from the hookah bowl.

The part where you load the tobacco is separate from the rest of the hookah bowl, so it is no problem to heat the tobacco in it as needed.

Each hookah bowl is handmade and therefore even identical models will vary slightly from each other, but this does not affect their quality or perfect appearance.

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Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm



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Kong Hookah

Kong Hookah is a Russian manufacturer of the most original hookah bowls. Kong bowls are the absolute pinnacle of design in the world of hookahs, which is why owning a Kong crown is also a sign of status and luxury. You can choose from a wide range of models such as Godzilla, Kong, Venom, Panda, Naruto, Panda, Carnage or Joker ... Enhance your hookah with this design gem that will delight your eyes and taste buds.
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