Hookah INVI Nano Stainless Steel Black Edition | Gold

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Timeless design – Made with attention to detail
✅ S tylish crystal vase – Included
Quality and durability – Made of stainless steel
Accessories included – Full accessories included
Top price – With us you have the best price guarantee

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Product description

INVI Nano Stainless Steel Black Edition – Gold

✓ PERFECT TRAVEL SHISHA – The INVI Nano hookah is your perfect travel companion as all the supplied parts fit into a practical and compact carrying bag.

✓ SMALL BUT POWERFUL – The INVI Nano hookah is one of the smaller hookahs with its 19 cm, but you will be impressed by the smoke production that easily keeps up with the “big” pipes.

✓ REMOVABLE DIFFUSER – The hookah comes with a diffuser that significantly reduces noise and vibration when smoking.

“I’ll pack my suitcase and take it with me…” – unequivocally: the INVI Nano stainless steel hookah! This hookah is sure to fit in any travel bag. Thanks to its height of 19 cm (when folded) and the included carrying bag, you’ll never have to go without your hookah again; whether you’re going to the beach, the park or a festival. The hookah, made of high quality stainless steel, can be completely disassembled and is therefore easy to clean. The aluminium mouthpiece, which can be separated in the middle, is optimised for draught and can be used with both long and short hygienic mouthpieces. To prevent damage during transport, the bottom of the transport bag is extra thickly padded and the hose is placed around the glass to ensure it is fully secured.

Whether you want to go to New York, Rio, Berlin or just to the lake, with the INVI Nano hookah you have a loyal and durable travel companion by your side!

Package contents:

1x Hookah
1x Diffuser
1x Glass vase
1x Valve with ball for valve
1x Silicone hose
1x Hose spring
1x Transport bag
1x Aluminum mouthpiece
1x Hose adapter
1x Stainless steel pliers

For this price you can’t get any other hookah with vase and accessories 🙂

Product specifications

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm
Country of origin




Number of hoses

Vase to Hookah connection



EAN: 4250239384471



INVI Hookah

Invi logo hookah

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