Oduman N4 Matt – Matte White 28cm

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The Oduman N3 Matt hookah has a distinctive and elegant design with a clear glass body. It offers maximum comfort thanks to the hose holder and stainless steel diffuser for quieter performance and better filtration. Enjoy different lighting effects thanks to 16 LED variations.

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Oduman N4 Matt hookahs have been on the market for several years and continue to be extremely popular. This is mainly due to their unique design, excellent stability, the quality of the materials used and, last but not least, the convenience of use. The Oduman N4 Matt hookah package consists of a white glass vase, a precision-crafted stainless steel body, a white silicone hose with a removable stainless steel handle and an LED backlight with 16 light variations, easily adjustable via a button. The body is connected to the vase by a screw thread. The water pipe is equipped with a removable diffuser that disperses bubbles for quieter operation and better filtration, which you will appreciate, for example, when watching your favourite movie. A handy stainless steel hose holder is also included. Enjoy a unique evening atmosphere with the Oduman N4 Matt hookah!

An unconventional look that breaks away from the norm.

A pipe without a body?

A glass vase with a long slender body coming out of it? No need! The Oduman N3 Turkish hookah is basically a transparent glass vase into which a tube is inserted through which the smoke passes. The whole “body” is thus hidden inside the vase. However, this does not prevent it from fulfilling the important function of cooling the smoke while maintaining an elegantly simple and compact design.

Maximum convenience is provided by the metal hose holder, which is also an interesting design element.

The body of the pipe is equipped with a diffuser, which pleasantly softens the hose draft and dampens bubbling noise.

An LED module can be placed at the bottom of the hookah to enrich your experience with lighting effects.

What you will find in the package

Oduman hookahs are supplied without a gasket and without a crown, allowing the user to choose the crown according to their specific needs. In the package you will find all the other necessary components.


White silicone hose
Mouthpiece for hose
Hose spring
LED light

The Oduman N4 Matt is more than just a hookah – it’s a commitment to quality and a celebration of tradition.

Product specifications



Number of hoses

Vase to Hookah connection

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