Ocean Hookah – Kaif “S” 2nd Edition Rock – Midnight Black

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✅ S tylish – Unique blowing system
✅ S implicity – Functional design
✅ Durability – V2A stainless steel
Practicality – Only 40cm and 3.5kg
Top price – Lots of music for little music

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Do you like elegance, quality, reliability, and love to watch smoke blow in style?

The unique Blow off system allows you to change the direction and style of your smoke with a simple twist of the saucer, which really impresses everyone. It’s a unique technology that you won’t find on any other brand or model of hookah.

It’s made from high quality V2A stainless steel and stands at a nice 45cm tall, making it durable and easy to carry. The design is more or less purely functional, but impresses with its elegance.

The Ocean Cane S hookah also comes with a basic vase, which is unobtrusive and allows the rest of the hookah to stand out, which every pipe maker will appreciate. The vase is wide and therefore stable and your shisha won’t tip over easily.

All that’s left to add to the practicality and sophistication is a diffuser for quiet draw and a closed chamber system for the perfect smoke puff.

Of course, this pipe also comes with a hose with a stylish mouthpiece that matches the rest of the body.

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Ocean Hookah

Ocean Hookah hookahs are our second most popular brand after GOAT hookahs in the reasonably priced luxury hookah category. Their new second generation designs with special smoke blow-off valves that change the style and direction of the puff when turned are an unforgettable feature. At the same time, they are distinguished by their robustness and quality of workmanship, which is truly impressive. Ocean hookahs truly deserve a place on the shelf in your home or shisha bar.
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