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Timeless design – Made with attention to detail
Unique blowing system – New
Quality and durability – Made of stainless steel and epoxy
Top price – With us you have the best price guarantee

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Moze Breeze Pro – a shisha for every lover

Moze Breeze Pro will convince even the most demanding hookah enthusiasts with its easy handling and modern design. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique look and amazing puffing.
The unique smoke blowing concept of the Moze Breeze Pro is the most sophisticated innovation on the market. With the PushToPurge function, the Pro model also brings a long-awaited feature – by pressing a button and blowing into the tube, the air is directed directly into the body of the hookah, ensuring the crown and tobacco are cooled.

Blowing variants and other functions explained briefly:

Starting blowing: In this scenario, the smoke rises from the base towards the plate along the body of the hookah.

Rainfall Blowoff: In this scenario, the smoke falls under the charcoal plate along the body of the hookah towards the base.

Plate Blowoff: Smoke escapes from the gap between the small and large plates.

Detailed installation instructions for the Breeze Pro can be found here (turn on the subtitles for a better understanding).

Removable diffuser: the diffuser of the Moze Breeze Pro is removable and can be screwed on both sides. This makes it easy to decide whether you want to hear quiet or loud sounds when smoking. If you opt for a loud bubbling pipe, we recommend screwing the diffuser through the holes towards the base so you don’t confuse it.

The Moze Breeze Pro pipe plates are laser engraved for an even more stylish and original design.


Height: approx. 40 cm without head
Diameter (large saucer): 16 cm
Materials: stainless steel, epoxy resin
Vase: clear

Package contents:

Clear vase (glass)
Diffuser (stainless steel)
Downstem (stainless steel)
Core/Heart of body (stainless steel)
Body Case – Candy Grey/White (Acrylic/Epoxy Resin)
Blowing element (stainless steel)
Plate smaller 1 (stainless steel)
Saucer larger 2 (stainless steel)
Head adapter (stainless steel)
Mouthpiece 2-piece (stainless steel)
Mouthpiece sleeve (acrylic/epoxy resin)
Crown gaskets (2 sizes – grey) (silicone)
Body gasket (silicone)
Beads (glass and POM)

Please note: Small imperfections (e.g. air in the glass of the vase) cannot be ruled out due to handmade production and are therefore not grounds for a complaint. Epoxy resin components (body casing and mouthpiece) may vary from the product photo as each component is unique due to the nature of manufacture.

Product specifications


Country of origin

Number of hoses
Vase to Hookah connection


EAN: 2000000180267


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