Hookah WD Alu Black A40B-7 – Grey

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Hookah Hookah WD Alu Black A40B-7 – Grey is a premium quality hookah with a length of 56 cm, which combines visually impressive clear crystal glass and high-quality anodized aluminum. The design of this hookah is enriched with features such as a closed chamber system for a smoother smoking experience and an 18/8 stopper that means you won’t need gaskets. Holds up to four hoses, making it ideal for group sessions.

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Brand:WD Hookah

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Introducing hookah Hookah WD Alu Black A40B-7 – Grey. This modern hookah is characterized by excellent quality and thorough workmanship. The base, made of sturdy crystal glass, immediately catches the eye with its clear, elegant surface. The body of the hookah is made of high-quality anodised aluminium, which creates perfect unity both visually and technically.

Over the years, anodised aluminium has gained popularity due to its lighter weight and affordability. This stunning hookah is 56 cm high and is equipped with several special features. It includes a closed chamber system for a smoother and more comfortable smoking experience. This lower air volume system facilitates easy draws and allows you to quickly exchange exhaled smoke for fresh smoke with a short puff.

The body features four hose outlets that feature precision milled 18/8 connectors, eliminating the need for any gaskets. The immersion hose is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, ensuring durability and enhancing its sleek aesthetics. All adapters and connections are meticulously made with precision 18/8 die-cut, making gaskets unnecessary. The body of the hookah and the water vase are securely connected by a threaded screw cap.

This spectacular hookah is capable of holding up to four hoses, making it perfect for a relaxed smoking session with friends or family.

Package includes:
– 1 crystal glass vase
– 1 dip tube (downstem)
– 1 base
– 4 hose connectors
– 4 hose adapters
– 4 vent balls
– 1 aluminium smoke column (upstem)
– 1 saucer
– 1 head connection
– 1 head adapter
– 1 head gasket

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EAN: 2000000189970


WD Hookah

WD Hookah Hookahs is a brand known primarily for its HMS - Heat Management, systems, but also for its hookahs and wooden pads with epoxy. HMSokahs are made of high quality stainless steel painted with a durable method - anodization, thanks to which your HMS will keep its colors for a very long time indeed.
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