Hookah – GOAT – The Model One

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Timeless design – Made with attention to detail
Stylish crystal vase – Included
Quality and durability – Made of stainless steel and aluminum
Accessories included – Full equipment included
Top Price – We have a best price guarantee

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Uncompromising quality at the best price on the market. The first original model from the GOAT workshop, which will amaze you with its design and high-quality workmanship. If you are looking for simplicity but at the same time premium materials and workmanship at a reasonable price, this is a great choice.

At first glance, it is clear that they designed this hookah to satisfy even the most demanding pipe maker. The Model One GOAT is 65 cm high, making it the tallest of all models and rises on your desk like a huge gem. Like the mouthpiece, it is made of rugged stainless steel. The downstream end of the thread diffuser is made of aluminum and uses a closed chamber system, which allows you to blow smoke in one breath. The plate is also made of stainless steel and high-quality paint, so that the coals and pliers do not destroy it for you. The hose connector is ground to a perfect connection – no more seals and hose drops. The silicone hose, which is soft to the touch, will be easy to rinse and will not retain any odors. It is finished with a massive stainless steel mouthpiece, into which your hygienic mouthpieces also fit perfectly. You will find an epic inscription on the hookah and mouthpiece: “Greatest of all time”

Best of all – a beautiful hand-blown crystal vase of the highest quality, which excels in its perfect appearance and workmanship. The specialty of this vase is that it connects to the body using a click system. You don’t have to fight with any seals, and especially if someone lifts your hookah by the body, the vase won’t fall out.

The package includes:

1 x Heat management system (chimney)
1 x Clay hookah bowl
1 x Stainless steel mouthpiece “The Special One”.
1 x The Special One water pipe
1 x Cutting adapter 18/8
1 x Base
4 x Exhausts
4 x Hose adapter 18/8
4 x Terminals 18/8
4 x Polyamide ball
1 x Downstream including diffuser
1 x Silicone hose
1 x Crystal vase
1 x Stainless steel pliers

For this price, you won’t easily get any other hookah with a vase and accessories 🙂

Product specifications

Weight 6,5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm

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G.O.A.T Hookah

An initially unknown brand, the manufacturer of the Model One and The Special One models, which has recently become famous for its pan-European popular model The Golden Goat and, more recently, its Golden Goat mini model. These hookahs are known for their uncompromising quality, precise attention to detail, all at a very affordable price. This brand clearly belongs to your collection, whether it is for home use or mainly for companies. It will stand out great on your shelves or customer tables.
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