Hookah Blade One M LE Silver

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✅ Timeless design – Made with an eye for perfection
✅ Top price – With us, you are guaranteed the best prices
✅ Top quality – Made of stainless steel and aluminum + titanium color
✅ High durability – Covered with titanium paint
✅ Vases available in stock – possibility to buy quality vases in different colours and designs

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Product description

If you are looking for the best and most luxurious hookah, you have come to the right place. There are still a few limited, more expensive models out there, but they don’t match the quality of the Blade. This is the king/queen of hookahs. A gem created by combining precision, elegance, design and luxury.

BLADE is a Russian brand of premium hookah pipes and accessories that has been renowned since the beginning for its unique and precise designs combined with technical sophistication and premium quality.

The BLADE HOOKAH ONE M LE hookah is made from only the highest quality materials available, ensuring near indestructibility and sheer durability. That’s why they will become your lifelong smoking partner and the ultimate jewel in your collector’s collection. Its body is sculpted to a precision of 0.002mm from stainless steel and anodised aluminium, which has been coated with titanium paint for ultimate durability. It also impresses with its impressive height of 60 cm and its massive construction.

The BLADE ONE M LE hookah has a sophisticated built-in molasses trap that prevents molasses residue from falling through into the body and vase and is easy to clean. Also, another added feature is the adjustable diffuser, which with a simple twist, you can adjust the draft of the smoke to your exact liking.

On the body/heart of the hookah there are innovative technical features such as a strong magnetic hose connector for an easy and reliable connection. At the same time, there are hidden blow-off valves around the entire base for an impressive 360° blowing effect that will truly enchant everyone – enthusiast and amateur alike.

On the top of the hookah is a truly magnificent saucer with a golden grill that ensures air circulation underneath the stowed embers and keeps them burning. All of this is complemented by a perfectly crafted mouthpiece that perfectly matches the body of the hookah in design.

NOTE: Neither the vase nor the hose are included. Our recommendation is to choose a plain black silicone hose and accentuate the beauty of the Blada with our crystal vases. It is perfectly set off by our designer Zeppelin hookah bowls, which together create a unique and memorable experience.

Product specifications

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 60 × 10 cm
Country of origin


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Number of hoses
Vase to Hookah connection




Blade Hookah

Blade Hookah is the most luxurious hookah brand among all brands. Their sophisticated design, the perfect quality of workmanship and materials used, or the excellence and durability of their colours is truly admirable. If you want to please your spouse or friend, and you want to give them a real piece of art that they will also enjoy, then Blade Hookah is the right choice. Blade Hookahs are absolutely impressive and you can also purchase Blade accessories such as tongs, a fork, or a very stylish and handy molasses catcher.
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