HMS Flamesmoke Heat management NSG-F2/2 – Chrome


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The FlameSmoke NSG-F2/2 is currently a hit on the market. It impresses with its simplicity, intelligent workmanship and simple, shiny and bright appearance.

The material is aluminium and the surfaces do not have a greasy coating, so you do not need to burn this HMD. Another advantage of the aluminum top is that heat is absorbed and transferred faster, so you can always quickly and efficiently regulate the ideal temperature for any tobacco. With a safety lip protruding at the bottom, the FlameSmoke NSG-2/2 fits all common hookah bowls, whether with a silicone or clay head.

To clean, simply hold the FlameSmoke NSG-2/2 under water for a second and wipe off any tobacco residue with a cloth if necessary, as almost nothing sticks to it. It fits 2 whole embers and one edge carbon.

Simply build the hookah bowl, put the FlameSmoke on it, insert the embers and you’re ready to go!


Overall diameter: approx. 7 cm
Diameter of lower safety edge: approx. 6.5 cm
Inner diameter: approx. 6 cm
Inner height: approx. 2.7
Overall height: approx. 3,2 cm
Material: aluminium

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm


7 cm


2,7 cm






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