HMS – AO Hookah – Heat management system – Rainbow


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Unique design – Thicker bottom than other brands
Quality and Durability – Made of immortal stainless steel
Gorgeous long-lasting colors – 3 beautiful models
For dark tobaccos – Conducts heat efficiently and powerfully
✅ Great air flow – Lots of air vents

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Brand:AO Hookah

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One of the first stainless steel HMS – Heat management systems and also the most beautiful and the best.

The 912 stainless steel material it is made of is truly durable. Stainless, hard to scratch, hard to bend or destroy.

Although most stainless steel HMS systems distribute heat far too quickly and powerfully, the AO HMD 912 has a special thicker bottom to partially slow this down. This makes it suitable for dark tobaccos or blends, ideally with thicker bowls like Voskurymsia or Cosmo.

Thanks to its durable anodized paint, its colors will shine for miles and last a very long time.

Maintenance is easy. Allow the AO HMS to cool down after each use. Scrape off any leftover tobacco with a wire brush or our HMS brush. To make cleaning easier, you can soak the HMS in warm water or use a grill cleaner.

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AO Hookah

AO is the highest quality brand of hookah accessories you can find. It comes from Germany and really cares about every detail and the quality of the materials without any compromises. Every single piece of AO hookah accessories is made with durability and longevity in mind. That's why the AO Hookah brand is the choice of professionals such as bars, restaurants, shisha establishments and lounges. For sure, this brand will not disappoint you. The AO Hookah brand provides you with a comprehensive range of hookah accessories such as Heat Managements in both aluminum and stainless steel, Bazookas in different colors, cleaners, hoses, carbon tongs, laminators, vases, carbon burners and more. Equip your shisha bar or home setup to the highest standards.
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