Zeppelin HMS V2 Gold


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The highest luxury among all HMS. Absolute perfection.

✅ Unique design – Imitates helicopter engines
✅ Best colors – 5 shades of TITAN
✅ Quality and Durability – Made of premium aluminum
✅ Innovative – The only one on the market that does not leak ash into the hookah bowl
✅ Perfection – Made with CNC technology designed for the medical and jewelry industry

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The Zidclouds Zeppelin HMS is a truly unique and luxurious hookah experience that is sure to impress. With its timeless design and durable aluminum construction, it stands out the most on the market among all HMS. But that’s not all – the Zeppelin HMS is also equipped with special chimney vents that keep the ash away from the tobacco, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

In addition to its functionality, the Zeppelin HMS also boasts a special coloured titanium finish that is designed to be harmless to users. This finish is heat resistant, making it a safer and more responsible choice for those who enjoy hookah.

However, the benefits of the Zeppelin HMS don’t end there. Its aluminum construction makes it much lighter and more portable than some other stainless steel heat management systems, so you’ll be able to handle your tongs more easily. Additionally, aluminum is a more efficient heat controller, which means it can help maintain a steady temperature during the smoking process.

Overall, the Zidclouds Zeppelin HMS is a revolutionary heat management system that combines style, function, and health in one innovative package. Upgrade your hookah with this luxurious and innovative product today.

Recommendations for use

Slight discoloration is normal during use. This is due to the properties of the material used in the device and its finish.
It is recommended to leave a 1-2 mm depression between the tobacco and the device for proper air circulation and to prevent overheating of the tobacco. In addition, this will greatly simplify the care of the device and prolong its life.

It is recommended to use 3 embers of size 25×25 or 26x26mm. Heat for 3-6 minutes with the lid on, then remove the lid and use without the lid until the charcoal burns through and the heat level from the charcoal requires the use of a lid. For a comfortable and long lasting smoke, we recommend replacing two of the three coals every 30 minutes.

Do not heat the device on a stove or open flame.

Care recommendations

Do not use abrasive brushes or products to clean the product. It is recommended to soak the device in warm water for 20-30 minutes after use and then remove any tobacco residue with a soft cloth. If necessary, non-metallic soft brushes can be used for cleaning. We recommend using branded cleaning products. DO NOT use strong chemistry such as sodium hydroxide(sifo).

Product specifications

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm




Zeppelin Hookah

Zeppelin quality Zeppelin stands for safe materials, high-precision CNC and complex, multi-stage handwork. The decorative titanium coating is a premium material used in jewelry, high-end watches and other high-end products on the market. In our case, this coating is also resistant to high temperatures. Zeppelin's guarantee and service. Wherever the device is purchased, it is covered under warranty. If something happens to the paint, the customer can contact us directly for support. Zeppelin is a community. We provide video tutorials on equipment use, recommendations and training. The customer purchases not only the product, but also the training and support. Zeppelin are recyclable materials. We minimize the damage caused to the planet by the manufacturing industry. We care about our customers and the planet as a whole. We use recycled materials wherever possible. Recycled does not mean cheap. Recycled means we are intentionally paying more to minimize harm. The ZIDCLOUDS philosophy Zeppelin equipment offers an exclusive titanium coating and high quality eco-friendly materials for customization. High precision CNC and masterful hand craftsmanship, unique color schemes enhance the Zeppelin design and give you an exceptionally vivid impression. You get a device of exceptional value, made from the highest quality materials and in unique colors never before seen in a device of this class. Unique decorative titanium finish. Zeppelin's metal particle deposition (PVD) enhances the individual character of your equipment with a range of beautiful colours. Silky matt texture, perfect gloss or hand-polished stainless steel to a shine - our specialists apply each coating with the utmost care. On the page, the titanium coating puts Zeppelin on par with other premium brands that use it in luxury watches and jewelry, and it needs to be treated properly. The decorative coating can easily handle everyday tasks, but requires careful handling, like anything beautiful. Excellent materials deserve the hands of the finest craftsmen.  
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