HMS Inferno by Goldencloud – Heat management system v2

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✅ Amazingly regulates and distributes temperature
✅ Almost indestructible and does not rust
✅ Health friendly
✅ Suitable for beginners and professionals

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The Special Edition HMS Inferno is an advanced HMS system that will light up your tobacco so that it comes out in smoke plumes and you enjoy the intense flavor at every opportunity. It has an upgraded design since the v2 version, but the function is the same.

It’s almost indestructible – It can withstand operating conditions, it won’t rust, it can even drop you on the ground, it can withstand anything. We could swear you can do well over 1000 water on one if you take care of it.

It regulates and holds heat great – usable with 2, but also 3 or 4 carbons. It is slightly more prone to overheating but you just have to learn to handle it properly.

Health friendly – a pure colourless piece of aluminium, there is beauty in simplicity.

A few recommendations for proper use:
1. Take care of your Heat Management and clean it regularly. Do not use chemicals but clean water and a HMS brush
2. Never shock cool your HMS with water or otherwise, it may warp or become distorted.
3. Do not expose your HMS to unnecessary excessive heat, i.e. don’t put it on the hot coals, but let it heat up naturally with the coals.

Instructions for cleaning your HMS: If your HMS becomes clogged with tobacco residue, soak it in clean water overnight. You can add non-toxic cleaners such as citric acid, baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, etc. The next day, remove the HMS from the water and take a wooden brush or possibly a wire brush to scrub it with. Repeat the procedure if you did not get the desired result. If you have any small traces of tobacco left on your HMS, it won’t interfere with the function or taste, but if you repeat the procedure 2-3 times you should be able to completely clean your HMS.

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