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Korunka na vodnú fajku z ovocia - Zabudli ste alebo rozbili korunku? Zoznam 8 ovocí z ktorých sa dá urobiť korunka plná chutí

Did your hookah bowl break? Never mind! These are 6 original fruits you can make a shisha in.

An excellent way to turn your ordinary shisha (hookah) from a simple experience into an above average one is to include fruit in the game. The fruit not only serves as a hookah bowl substitute, but adds its own flavor to the tobacco while naturally moisturizing the tobacco during smoking. The fruit’s natural moisture and sugar extend the smoking time and intensify the tobacco’s flavour

Whether you’re a seasoned hookah enthusiast or a casual smoker, it’s worth exploring the fascinating world of fruit hookah bowls to make your hookah sessions more exciting. In addition to improving the taste and aesthetics of your smoking experience, fruit hookah bowls for hookah also enhance the quality of the smoke, providing a smoother, cooler and overall better smoking experience

So why stick to a boring routine when you can spice things up a bit? Of course, you’re curious, and that’s why you’re here! Let’s take a journey through the enticing world of flavours and explore how you can make your hookah more tasty, interesting and aesthetically pleasing with the help of fruit

Now, we’ll take a closer look at which fruits you can use on your next hookah and how to turn them into a fascinating experience and plumes of smoke

1. Apple hookah bowls

Apples are a great substitute for hookah bowls because of their ideal size, hardness and stability as hookah bowls. No matter which type of apple you choose, the process of creating a hookah bowl is the same. After removing the core, hollow out the inside of the apple and load the tobacco

2. Pineapple hookah bowl

The pineapple hookah is a tropical delight. This hookah bowl is a little trickier to make, but well worth it. The procedure involves removing the top (which can serve as a cap), hollowing out the flesh until you get a nice dimple, and finally cutting out a vent for air. This is a bit more complicated because you have to get through the harder wall of the pineapple. Pineapple hookah bowl is fantastic when paired with coconut or tropical tobacco mixes

3. Citrus hookah bowls

Citrus and hookah go together, whether it’s orange, grapefruit or tangerine – the experience is simply amazing. These fruits can contain a huge amount of tobacco, making them perfect for long smokes

4. Melon hookah bowls

Using watermelon, honeydew melon or cantaloupe as a hookah bowl for a hookah provides an exclusive, subtly sweet and refreshing smoke. Melons are the perfect shape and size for long-lasting smoking, as they can moisten your tobacco exceptionally well. These hookah bowls definitely require skill to carve them, as their flesh is very soft and watery. For the perfect hole shape for your tobacco, you can also try a rice scoop or ice cream scoop

5. Coconut hookah bowls

Coconut hookah bowl replacements will transport you to an exotic beach with every swipe. After removing the coconut water (which you can also use in a vase for added flavor), cut the top off with a saw, clean the inside, and finally fill it with your favorite tropical tobacco blend. It’s going to be a challenge, but everything has to be tried at least once 🙂

6. Pomegranate hookah bowls

Pomegranate hookah bowls are unique, but can provide an unusual change from other common flavours. Due to their size, these small hookah bowls are perfect for shorter, personal smokes. Their juice is less easy to release, so they don’t moisten the tobacco as well as other fruits


7. Peppercorns

Although perhaps an unconventional choice, peppers surprisingly make excellent hookah bowls for shisha. Their naturally hollow interior and durable outer wall make them very easy to prepare and add a subtle, neutral flavor. Choose larger, juicy, well-balanced pieces that won’t overcook. Slice them roughly down the middle, hollow them out and voila – your shisha hookah bowl is ready to be loaded. Let us know how it turns out, we haven’t tried this yet either 🙂

8. Halloween idea

Pumpkin hookah bowls – a very innovative idea that is sure to entertain and delight. Carving pumpkins is a common pastime for these times, so why not make it enjoyable too? 🙂 You can even make a ghost out of a pumpkin but you can carve any text or image into it, e.g. even your logo

Beyond these possibilities, the world of fruit hookah bowls is only limited by your creativity and adventurous nature. There may be other alternatives that deviate from the conventional hookah bowl, such as mango, avocado or pitahaya for a festive, seasonal experience. The matter should be approached responsibly and safely. To maintain hygiene, make sure to clean these fruits thoroughly before opening. By the way, enjoy this experiment as well. As Thomas Alva Edison once said, “It takes a good imagination and a heap of unnecessary things to make inventions.”

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