Professional Oduman 2150W Charcoal Burner

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Unique design – Developed based on the experience of many shisha bars
Quality and Durability – Built to last
Insane Performance – Coals hot in 5-7 minutes
✅ Repairability – Replacement coils can be purchased

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Product description

Do you need to have the coals heated in just 5 minutes, or do you need to heat dozens of coals at a time? Are the regular commercial electric charcoal plates not enough for you, they get destroyed quickly and take over 15 minutes to heat up your coals? Your problems have a solution. This charcoal burner is worth every euro you pay for it. It will pay you back in customer satisfaction, as well as employee satisfaction, an edge over the competition, and dare we say even on your electricity bill, as it heats up really efficiently and quickly.

The heater includes a 2x coil guard and an easy to empty ash catcher under the coals.

With its insane 2150W output, it is capable of lighting up a whole 1kg of coals in about 15 minutes or a couple of coals in about 7 minutes. (The first heat up can take up to 10 minutes, but once the plate is fully heated it can do it in as little as 4-6 minutes)

Replacement coils will be available soon. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your equipment failing and your money being gone. You simply replace the coil and continue to use it.

!!!Important!!! The spiral is not covered by warranty. Damage to the spiral is not grounds for a claim. It is normal wear and tear on this equipment due to the extreme conditions of function.

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