Shisha – Fit Hookah Cleaner 500 ml


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✓ Ensures taste and odour neutrality

✓ Universal hookah cleaner

✓ Handy spray bottle

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Brand:AO Hookah

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Product description

✓ Special, very economical hookah cleaner for removing deposits and impurities (tobacco, nicotine, molasses, limescale, etc.)

✓ Universal cleaner for hookahs and accessories (not suitable for traditional hoses)

✓ Ensures taste and odour neutrality and is ready to use immediately (no annoying stirring required)

✓ Convenient spray bottle with safety cap

✓ Despite its strong cleaning power, it does not destroy metal or plastic components

Application procedure:
1. Spray Shisha-Fit 3-5 times on the parts you want to clean (hookah, vase, hose, HMS, adapter, mouthpiece, etc).
2. To clean the vase, add a few doses of cleaner and fill it about halfway with lukewarm water.
3. Leave the detergent on for about 10 minutes until the dirt is loosened.
4. Scrub all the individual parts with the appropriate brush
5. Rinse with clean water until no traces of the agent can be seen or smelled.

Scope of delivery:
– 1x Shisha-Fit Hookah Cleaner 500 ml

Product specifications

Weight 0,03 kg
Dimensions 25 × 3 × 3 cm

EAN: 2000033800002



AO Hookah

AO is the highest quality brand of hookah accessories you can find. It comes from Germany and really cares about every detail and the quality of the materials without any compromises. Every single piece of AO hookah accessories is made with durability and longevity in mind. That's why the AO Hookah brand is the choice of professionals such as bars, restaurants, shisha establishments and lounges. For sure, this brand will not disappoint you. The AO Hookah brand provides you with a comprehensive range of hookah accessories such as Heat Managements in both aluminum and stainless steel, Bazookas in different colors, cleaners, hoses, carbon tongs, laminators, vases, carbon burners and more. Equip your shisha bar or home setup to the highest standards.
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