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7+ Metód ako si urobiť sviežu vodnú fajku aj po zákaze chladivých zložiek do tabaku?

7 Methods to make a fresh hookah even after the ban on cooling ingredients in tobacco?

Are you sad about the recent ban on cooling and menthol flavourings in hookah tobacco? You are not alone. Many hookah enthusiasts around the world don’t know how to cope with the new laws that have almost completely ruined the hookah experience. Not to worry though, there is a solution, and not just one. Here are 7 methods to replace menthol mixtures in hookahs so that they taste just like they used to

1. Ice Bazooka

Recently, the popularity of the bazooka, which is an ice-cold tip that attaches to the end of a hose instead of a mouthpiece, has grown significantly. These bazookas contain a gel liner inside that can be ice-colded in the freezer. This gel then cools the smoke directly at the end of the pipe when inhaled, providing a versatile cooling effect for any hookah tobacco

2. Ice drops:

Ice drops are both innovative and our favorite way to get around the ban on the sale of cooling ingredients in tobacco. They are highly concentrated mentholated liquids. Their dosage can be any amount you like directly into the tobacco hookah bowl, where we recommend using approximately 3-5 drops, which we apply deeper into the tobacco so that they are not released in a rush. Or you can pour them all into the entire 200g box. Although this is the recommended dosage, we would prefer to be cautious and start with no more than a third or half, as the result given may be too strong. Some brands have even started making their own Ice Drops such as the Holster brand

3. Molasses with an icy or minty flavour.

Due to the high taxes on tobacco, the popularity of mixing dry tobacco with molasses and glycerin has skyrocketed. This can be very cleverly exploited. You can either mix your own pure menthol or mint tobacco. Or you can add this cooling molasses to another tobacco to give it the “lost” ingredient

4. Adding mint flavour to a vase

Another innovative alternative is menthol powders that are added to a vase. Menthol drops or molasses can evaporate quite quickly from tobacco because they have not had time to soak in quickly enough, so this powder is also a very interesting alternative. The recommended amount is 8g, but adjust this to your weight and taste. ! Do not add this powder to tobacco, it must not be burnt. Only add it to water!

5. Pebbles for hookah

Hookah pebbles are not nearly as good a substitute for tobacco in terms of flavour and smoke, but as a supplement for the missing cooling component, it’s a pretty handy solution. These pebbles are special porous volcanic pebbles that are infused with flavorings and glycerin. They are considered so-called healthy smoking as they contain no tobacco or nicotine. Apart from the taste experience, you won’t get any of the enjoyment that hookahs are smoked for, but as an accompaniment to tobacco, it’s a good choice

6. Hookah paste

Hookah pastes are made from a mineral base that turns into a thick smoke when heated. It is considered an interesting alternative or complement to tobacco as it may also contain nicotine. It is limited for use in Phunnel-type hookah bowls, as in other hookah bowls this molasses would flow through the holes in the hookah bowl

7. Ice in a vase

A simple and effective way to provide a cooling sensation when smoking a hookah is to use chilled water in the vase of the hookah. You may be surprised how this simple change to hookah preparation can drastically change the smoking temperature and effectively provide a nice cooling smoke. You can either use ice-cold water or drop a few ice cubes into the vase. We also like to use this method in our business especially on hot sunny days, especially when the sun is beating down on the patio hookahs and can heat up the entire structure. We have even cooled the entire hookahs in ice water at events in direct sunlight

8. Adding mint leaves

Going back in history, in the past people made everything from natural ingredients. You can either add mint leaves directly to the vase, which has only a minimal effect, but you can also bury them under the tobacco. Don’t expect miracles, but it’s the natural way

Alternative fun: Who says you can’t have a hash while smoking or before? 🙂 Of course, be careful not to inhale it ..

Banning the menthol component in tobacco is really restrictive and annoying, however, as always, people can cope. In this case, there really are a lot of options. Our most popular methods are Ice Drops, Ice Molasses and over the summer ice in a vase and bazooka. You can be inspired by them or feel free to try the others. Let us know in the comments which method you use most often.

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